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IT Disaster Recovery in Kent

Planning for business continuity and disaster recovery has never been more critical as complex IT systems underpin all sectors, even those previously considered non-technical. In case of IT systems or facility-wide failure, being able to recover and gain access to your data quickly is essential. Implementing your disaster recovery plan quickly will then depend on the considered and informed decisions made during a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery audit.

Catastrophic Events and Security Threats

Our Disaster Recovery plan cover all areas of threats, including catastrophic events, technical and security threats. These include:

  • Fires, floods and natural disasters,
  • Server and IT hardware failure,
  • Internet Connectivity Interruption,
  • Hardware theft, for example a company laptop or mobile phone,
  • Hacking, phishing and other malicious cyber attacks,
  • Malicious activity by employees.

Ensuring you are protected against these and can implement a quick recovery plan will be essential to avoid suffering from the consequences of data loss.

Why your business needs to ensure business continuity and a plan for disaster recovery

What would it mean for your business if your systems went down? Any downtime will have a negative effect on your bottom line with the loss of productivity directly attributing to lost sales.

If your business is the victim of a cyber-attack or your data is compromised in anyway, this can have wide-ranging consequences. Not only for the customers whose data has potentially been stolen but the reputational damage can affect confidence in your business going forwards.

Once you’ve done all you can to mitigate potential risks, you need to have a plan in place to recover as quickly as possible from a potential disaster. With a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, you’ll be able to save time and resources if something should happen.

IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Select Technology will work with you to protect your IT infrastructure from threats and put in place tried-and-tested solutions to minimise the risk and impact if the worst should happen. Our professional IT Services Team take a holistic view to disaster recovery and include backup solutions, end-to-end processes, areas of operational risk and resource needs in your bespoke business continuity plan, which can include the following services.

Cloud Backup solutions

We can offer different backup solutions, depending on which Cloud platform you use. We offer a dedicated Microsoft Azure Backup solution or Veeam Availability Suite. Both services will ensure your data is stored safely in multiple locations and allow for quick recovery.

Hosted Desktop Solutions

Moving to a Cloud-based solution for your desktop can be a great way to ensure your business data is safe. Instead of being reliant solely on your hardware, your data will be accessible via the Cloud, on any device. This. is ideal to keep working in case of IT hardware failure. Our main hosted desktop solution is Microsoft 365,the leading hosted desktop solution.

IT Security

In order to protect your from cyber security attacks, we can provide you with all relevant technical software to protect your business from malware attacks, phishing, shishing, ransomware and much more.

IT Security Awareness Training

Having the right technology in place to protect your data is essential, but ensuring your staff is trained to recognize threats and avoid data breaches is another essential step to take towards business continuity. We offer IT Security Awareness training in collaboration with KnowBe4, the industry leader when it comes to security training.

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