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Cloud migration and adoption

Select Technology offers a wide range of Cloud solutions, all based on the Microsoft business transformation framework which aims to:

  • Engage customers and give them new experiences they will love,
  • Empower employees to reinvent productivity and enable a data-driven culture
  • Optimise operations to modernise your portfolio, transform your processes and skills
  • Transform products to allow for more innovation (for products or business models).

What is the Cloud and Cloud computing?

A big part of your digital transformation will consist of embracing the Cloud and cloud-computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. It includes servers, storage, desktops, telephony, business applications and much more. Instead of storing and processing data and applications on-site, everything is handled remotely, in powerful data centres which offer businesses a range of benefits.​

Our Cloud solutions include:

  • Microsoft Office 365, a Cloud-based solution giving you access to all Microsoft business applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook,
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online, a Cloud-based document management platform allowing you to store, organise and manage your documents securely,
  • Microsoft Teams, a Cloud-based group chat platform offering instant messaging, video conferencing and audio call capabilities,
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365, a Cloud-based intelligent solutions helping your business make data-driven decisions,
  • Microsoft Azure, a Cloud-based solution including infrastructure and application services,
  • Microsoft 365 Business, a complete and secure hosted desktop solution,
  • Veeam Availability Suite and Back Up Solutions, ensuring your data is securely backed-up and easily recoverable to prevent any data loss,
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure your business is always running,
  • Hosted Emails, with Exchange Online, allowing you to access your emails anywhere and from any devices,
  • Hosted Telephony, with fully hosted VoIP phone systems to make sure you benefit from the best phone systems,

Benefits of cloud adoptions

Switching to cloud-based solutions allow businesses to:

  • Reduce costs: with no need for expensive servers on-site, you will save on infrastructure upgrades and maintenance costs,
  • Scale quicker: your business won’t be limited by its current, on-site infrastructure and increasing storage in remote data centres is a simple process. You can therefore scale your operations, increase capabilities and storage when you need to,
  • Become more flexible: moving to the Cloud will allow your employees to work remotely whilst still having access to their files and applications in a secure environment,
  • Improve productivity: Cloud-based solutions and applications can often help employees streamline redundant tasks or improve internal communication, which in turn have a positive impact on their productivity,
  • Improve IT security and data protection: Moving the Cloud will allow you to implement stronger security measures, especially when using Microsoft powerful and highly-secure cloud solutions. Your IT partner will also ensure that all solutions benefit form the relevant security measures, including malware, ransomware, phishing or spam protection,
  • Get access to the latest business applications: using Cloud-based applications means that upgrading to the latest version is a thing of the past. You will automatically get access to the latest versions for maximum efficiency.

Migrating to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud requires careful planning and organisation, to ensure all your data is securely backed-up and your current processes aren’t interrupted whilst we migrate you to your new platforms. This is why working with a fully-accredited and industry-leading IT partner is essential. Here at Select Technology, we follow a rigorous process to offer a seamless and successful Cloud adoption.

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