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Things you didn’t know you needed: QR Codes

By Jig Mehta, Digital Marketing Specialist | Published 30 Aug 2022

Whatever you are creating make sure that you consider what it will look like, and that includes QR codes!

I personally use to make Select’s QR codes.

It allows you to select your colours, insert logos, and customise the design. If you need help with selecting the colours speak to your marketing team.

We start with inputting the destination URL, this is where you want the person to go to. I trick that I like to employ is to create a URL that fits the location of the QR code, then redirect the person to the page I want them to view. This means that in the future if I don’t want the person to go to that page anymore, but I don’t want to remove the page. You can just redirect them 🙂

Following this you set your colours, upload a logo, then set a design. Play around with it making sure that it fits your end design location.

Once your are ready you can now create your QR code, if its for a phone or laptop the quality can be lower, and can be downloaded as a PNG or SVG.

If you want it for print then select PDF or EPS.

QR code URL selector
Set your colours
Upload your image or logo
Pick a design
Create your QR code

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