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Hide and Seek: A Christmas Competition

Jig needs your help!! He foolishly started a game of Hide and Seek, but being completely incompetent 🤣 he can't find all the hiders!! HELP!!

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Choosing your next headset

How you choose your next headset, would seem to be a simple choice, but there is so much to consider!

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WorkTogether: Your lifetime IT partner

We are excited to announce a transformation to Prestige IT Support, that reflects our commitment to collaboration, problem-solving and superb IT support. Drum roll please

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Making a connection: A non-techy guide to monitor ports

There are a wide variety of connections available on monitors. Knowing which ones you have, need and why can be really important.

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Unlimited IT Support: Embrace the IT Superheroes!

Discover the hilarious perks of unlimited IT support as we explore how predictable costs, rapid response times, proactive monitoring, and expert expertise transform your business operations into an action-packed adventure. Get ready for a fun-filled read that will leave you laughing and inspired to embrace the IT superhero within!

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Windows Server 2012: How you can prepare for end-of-support

From 10 October 2023, Microsoft will no longer be providing support or updates to the 2012 and 2012 R2 servers.

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Being asked to install or update tools

Are you being asked to install or update one of our tools, are you sure it's us!?

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International Womens Day 2023

I knew moving from a career that was very women dominated to a career in technology would be a bit of a culture shock for me!

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ChatGPT: The Importance for Microsoft Business Users

An article from ChatGPT about it's importance with Microsoft Business users.

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Festive opening hours

It's Christmas and we all need a break! So, here are our opening hours during this festive period...

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Naughty Elves: A Christmas Competition

Win a Nintendo Switch! Santa and his top elves have been tricked and robbed of some of their technical jargon that they use to trick customers!! Oh no! They need your help!!

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What the changes to Microsoft Cloud local currency pricing mean

Microsoft have announced changes to local currency pricing in response to exchange rates which continue to fluctuate.

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