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HP EliteBook

The HP EliteBook is all the normal office worker needs as a laptop. Here are some of the key features

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Choosing your next headset

How you choose your next headset, would seem to be a simple choice, but there is so much to consider!

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Making a connection: A non-techy guide to monitor ports

There are a wide variety of connections available on monitors. Knowing which ones you have, need and why can be really important.

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Choosing your monitor size

How you choose you monitor size depends on key aspects. Your workspace, and your role or industry. So, what size should you get?

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Connecting laptops to monitors

Connecting your laptop and monitor together should be a simple process. However, it can be more complex than you think.

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Samsung Monitor

Watch Ieva unbox the Samsung 24" Monitor, check out the pro's and con's, the connections available and see if we can help you.

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Wavlink Docking Station

The Wavlink docking station is a great way to connect your laptop to multiple screens and it adds more ports allowing you to connect USB devices such as a keyboard or headset.

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