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IT Support in London

A tailored and unique Managed Service Provider for London

Whether you are a new business or are changing your IT service provider, we will be able to support your needs. With over 25 years experience and knowledge we have the expertise to truly understand your organisation, and provide you the support you deserve.

Could your IT support be better?

Is your IT support slow?

With Select Technology we guarantee a 15-minute response time!

Don’t take our word for it, we consistently score over 98% from our customer satisfaction survey, and we have held 100% for 30 days in a row 5 times in the last 12 months!

Do you have a proactive IT team?

We continually analyse and monitor your IT. This means that major issues rarely surface. We also regularly work with you to make sure that your IT requirements are being matched and are future proofed.

Have you had a security breach?

We take a proactive approach to security, we apply the most appropriate tools and policies to protect your business, including dark web monitoring, anti-virus, malware, and training.

If the worst should happen we back-up your data in highly-secure data centres.

Do your hear from your IT service provider?

Our Digital Transformation consultants will meet with you regularly to understand your needs, learn about your business, and map out your digital future.

This is a unique service that allows us to truly understand your business.

Do they understand your business?

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients business. We delve into your process, your pressure points and your needs. This allow us to support you better, offering productivity solutions, advice and contacts.

Fast and efficient service as always.

CSAT Feedback

World-class service desk

We guarantee a 15-minute response time for critical issues.

Technology Consultant

Regular executive consultations will enable your business to succeed through technology.


We will keep you protected with the latest and greatest security tools.


We will provide Microsoft training and immersive workshops to your team​.

Analytics Team

They continually analyse and monitor your IT environment to problem-solve.

Technology Alignment

We use the best tools to mitigate risk through best practice adoption.

Our promise to all our customers is, we will:

  • Deliver World-class IT service and support
  • Deliver a truly proactive service
  • Make your business more productive,
  • efficient and effective
  • Add more value to you and your customers
  • Make you more secure
  • Provide continuous strategy
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“Adam is fab! He went above and beyond to help me with all my problems – he was very patient with me as I am a technophobe – so helpful and really nice to talk to – can’t sing his praises enough – fantastic service”


Why Select Technology?

With over 30 years experience, we understand the needs of the client, cutting through the jargon and technological distractions, digging deeper to understand your challenges, objectives, constraints and opportunities to pinpoint the solutions that will work for you.

In most cases, a bespoke service is a better service. We take the core components of excellence and apply them in a way that drives success for your individual needs, providing you with a unique service.

Little wonder that we stand apart from our competitors.

Our services include:

Managed IT Support

WorkTogether represents the pinnacle of IT managed services. We have uncompromising, high standards to provide the best customer experience possible.

Professional services

Our Professional Services team follow tried and tested IT consultancy processes to ensure your IT project is planned, managed and deployed efficiently and effectively.

Cyber Security

We assess your business to understand your security needs, providing you with a comprehensive service to protect your organisation from cyber security threats.

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