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Select Streams

Our Select Streams cover a range of subjects from Teams and Planner to the Future of the Office and Cyber Security.

Our emphasis is to provide IT knowledge clearly, simply, jargon free and with a dash of fun.

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Presented extremely well and clearly with just the right amount of humour to bring these subjects to life.

Catch up on our past webinars here…

How to keep your company data safe with a Dark Web Monitoring demo

Working from home tips for optimising your video calls and photo skills with Mooie Fee Photography

What is new in Microsoft Teams?

Dark Web monitoring
Live demo of our dark web monitoring tool showing how it works, why it works and how some of the phishes steal data and leak/sell it.
Mooie Fee Photography
Professional photographer, Amy Kolsteren joins us to share tips and demos of how you can look your best on screen.
What is new in Teams
We explores the new features that Microsoft Teams has to offer, from PowerPoint live to Breakout rooms.

Finance going digital with Ashdown Hurrey Chartered Accountants

Finance going digital with Ashdown Hurrey
Watching the pennies is imperative for SMBs to thrive and grow, and embracing the right digital processes can save you time, money and make your business more efficient.

There’s more to SharePoint than document storage

Explore the many benefits that Microsoft SharePoint can bring to your organisation, with a focus on how it integrates with your entire office platform.

Automate for success mini-series

Take action on customer feedback

Invoice approvals without the delays

Hassle free inventory

Take action on customer feedback
Acting on customer feedback can be a time consuming process, save time with automation.
Invoice approval
Create multiple approval levels, notify the appropriate person and email for finance team,
Hassle free inventory
Use the tools within your Microsoft toolbox to automate the inventory process.

Cyber Security

Future of the office

Levelling Up – Take your Office 365 game to the next level

Cyber Security
Cyber threats are on the rise, so how should individuals and organisations protect themselves.
Future of the office
Coronavirus has changed how we all work, but what does this mean for the future of the office now?
Levelling Up – Take your Office 365 game to the next level
Increase your productivity in Office 365, quick designs in Outlook, auto charts in Excel, and many more.

Personal and Team Task Management – Microsoft Planner & To Do


Securing the new normal

Personal and Team Task Management – Microsoft Planner & To Do
What’s the difference between Planner and To Do? When should I use which? Find out in this webinar
PowerApps is the ‘low code’ solution to develop apps on your Office 365 estate.
Securing the new normal
We are working from home, we have the tools but have you considered the security?

SharePoint & OneDrive

SharePoint: more than just a document store

What’s new in Teams?

SharePoint and OneDrive
SharePoint and OneDrive are very similar – so which should you be using.
SharePoint: more than just a document store
SharePoint has the ability to be so much more than a document store, find out more with this webinar.
We run through some of the new features now in Teams and discuss future developments.

Windows 10: What has it ever done for us?

Working from home – the new normal (A Microsoft Teams Webinar)

Windows 10: What has it ever done for us?
Windows 10 is here, do you know what it’s capable of? Have you clicked all the buttons? We have.
Working from home – the new normal (A Microsoft Teams Webinar)
Teams is here and solving many new problems, we go through all of it, so you know how to use it.

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