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Author: Nick Ellis, Customer Experience Manager


Take the STEP to digitally transform your business

For many people, new technology feels a bit scary, especially when it’s an investment for your SME business. You know the benefits of going more digital, but maybe you’re a bit hesitant about it all.

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SharePoint: Create you own sharing site

We see a lot of companies that use Microsoft SharePoint for their internal file management and then a separate service. We have some good news – you don’t need to!

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How do we use Microsoft Power Apps at Select Technology?

It’s easy for a technology company to say you should use a technology. But do they use it themselves? Well, we can say that yes we do use Microsoft Power Apps ourselves.

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Make life easier for your customers with technology

Businesses are always trying to improve their customer service. But what about the Customer Experience? The past few decades have seen processes get smarter with customers demanding (and expecting) more, faster, with even better customer service.

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