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Blog: Cyber Security


Things you didnt know you needed: Computer Lock

Make sure you don't get pranked in the office, whenever you leave you laptop or computer at your desk!

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Whats good got to do with it? Security awareness training

I recently went to the International Cyber Expo (ICE) for the first time and attended a talk by Dr Jason Nurse. The talk was on the study they conducted on the behaviours and attitudes towards Security Awareness Training.

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QR Codes

Cyber crooks are always on on the look out for new and effective ways to beat security systems and people to steal. There is a growing trend of criminals using QR codes as part of their phishing campaigns, specifically trying to steal Microsoft credentials.

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Microsoft 365 phishing attack

The cyber criminals are at it again! 😡 They are now using Microsoft's Rights Management Services (RMS) to steal credentials!

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Hacked, scammed and deleted: A cybersecurity tale

The most tech savvy, security conscience business can be hit by a security breach. Are you prepared?

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Microsoft Outlook vulnerability

You may have seen in the news that Microsoft has identified a particularly nasty Outlook vulnerability.

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Being asked to install or update tools

Are you being asked to install or update one of our tools, are you sure it's us!?

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Microsoft Authenticator: It is all about the numbers

Microsoft will be implementing a number matching system for Microsoft Authenticator from the 27th February.

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Cybersecurity: The Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules are a quick and easy start to protecting your organisation from the cyber criminals.

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Cyber Security? It’s essential

When you hear ‘cyber security’ you may start to nod off – unless you’re me! But the fact is cyber security is essential for business.

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Don’t fall for a Tinder Swindler this Valentine’s Day

There are a few different names this blight goes by with 'Cat Phishing' and 'Romance Scams' being the most common. Let’s talk about what these are, how they work and how you could help yourself return those criminal Valentine’s to sender.

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How can your business cyber security be strengthened with OSINT?

OSINT is an acronym for Open Source Intelligence. Essentially gathering and using information freely scattered about the interweb. How could this help a business in terms of  Cyber Security?

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