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Blog: Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams: Filters

What if during a work Teams meeting, you wanted to place a cat on your head? Well, for unknown reasons that is exactly what you can do!! SnapChat filters in Microsoft Teams (I don't know)

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Microsoft Teams: Avatars

Find out to build your very own Avatar in Microsoft Teams, and let it go to your meetings!!

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Microsoft PowerPoint: Rehearse with coach

Improve your presentation skills with Rehearse with coach in PowerPoint.

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Microsoft Teams: Pinning

Find out how to pin an app to your taskbar in Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams: Games for Work

You can now add Games for Work to Microsoft Teams. Minesweeper not sure, IceBreakers has some legs to it.

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Microsoft Teams: Video Notes

Find out how you can send video notes in Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams: More Reactions

More reactions in Microsoft Teams - allowing a whole new way to overreact! 🤣

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Microsoft Teams: Schedule Send

Find out how you can now schedule a message in Microsoft Teams.

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Teams Phone

Did you know that Teams can become your phone!? Whether it's internal, external, desk phone, mobile or computer - Teams Phone can handle it all.

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Microsoft Teams: Camera Filters

Filters have made into Microsoft Teams. you can now adjust the brightness and the soft focus 😊

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What messaging service to use and why its important

In the modern world, connectivity is everything. Our ability to connect quickly to our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other partners underpins everything in business and it is important that we can do so quickly and with as little ‘friction’ as possible. The simplest way, and the one we are all most familiar with these days, is text messaging through a mobile app.

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Clippys back, tell a friend!

It's Clippy! That long lost Office Assistant! You know the paperclip that always appeared and patronisingly asked "I see you are writing a letter. Would you like help?" and then really annoyingly tried to help 😂😂

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