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Microsoft Office 365 security changes: What you need to know

You may already be aware of some changes Microsoft are making to the security settings within your Office 365 tenant(s), but if not, strap in. 😁

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QR Codes

Cyber crooks are always on on the look out for new and effective ways to beat security systems and people to steal. There is a growing trend of criminals using QR codes as part of their phishing campaigns, specifically trying to steal Microsoft credentials.

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Microsoft 365 phishing attack

The cyber criminals are at it again! 😡 They are now using Microsoft's Rights Management Services (RMS) to steal credentials!

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Windows Server 2012: How you can prepare for end-of-support

From 10 October 2023, Microsoft will no longer be providing support or updates to the 2012 and 2012 R2 servers.

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Microsoft Authenticator: It is all about the numbers

Microsoft will be implementing a number matching system for Microsoft Authenticator from the 27th February.

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ChatGPT: The Importance for Microsoft Business Users

An article from ChatGPT about it's importance with Microsoft Business users.

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Teams Phone

Did you know that Teams can become your phone!? Whether it's internal, external, desk phone, mobile or computer - Teams Phone can handle it all.

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SharePoint: Create you own sharing site

We see a lot of companies that use Microsoft SharePoint for their internal file management and then a separate service. We have some good news – you don’t need to!

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How do we use Microsoft Power Apps at Select Technology?

It’s easy for a technology company to say you should use a technology. But do they use it themselves? Well, we can say that yes we do use Microsoft Power Apps ourselves.

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Updated information on Microsoft Customer Agreements

The New Commerce Experience (NCE) from Microsoft is now live, this changes how you purchase Microsoft Agreements making the process simpler and allowing us to better meet your needs. Since we last updated you, there has been a few changes and we now have more information to share, and questions to answer.

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Automate Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Viva Insights while you are away

We’ve all used Outlook’s ‘Out of office’ automated reply to let our contacts know that we’re not at work. But did you know about what Viva Insights can do to make this even easier?

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Don’t succumb to burnout, Viva Forever instead

No, not a Spice Girls track from the 90s, but an intuitive employee engagement platform from Microsoft. In the new hybrid world we find ourselves, it’s so important that our people and teams feel connected, motivated and engaged.

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