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Author: Jig Mehta, Digital Marketing Specialist


Microsoft Bookings

Making booking meetings with you easier with Microsoft Bookings.

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Windows Hello Pin

Are you fed up with remembering your password for your computer and Microsoft apps? Then you need to be using Windows Hello Pin - a recommended security feature for your Microsoft Account.

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Hacked, scammed and deleted: A cybersecurity tale

The most tech savvy, security conscience business can be hit by a security breach. Are you prepared?

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Microsoft PowerPoint: Transition

Create beautiful transitions quickly and easily in your PowerPoint presentations. You just need !! and morph!

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Microsoft Authenticator: It is all about the numbers

Microsoft will be implementing a number matching system for Microsoft Authenticator from the 27th February.

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Microsoft PowerPoint: Rehearse with coach

Improve your presentation skills with Rehearse with coach in PowerPoint.

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Microsoft Teams: Games for Work

You can now add Games for Work to Microsoft Teams. Minesweeper not sure, IceBreakers has some legs to it.

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Microsoft Teams: More Reactions

More reactions in Microsoft Teams - allowing a whole new way to overreact! 🤣

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Festive opening hours

It's Christmas and we all need a break! So, here are our opening hours during this festive period...

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Naughty Elves: A Christmas Competition

Win a Nintendo Switch! Santa and his top elves have been tricked and robbed of some of their technical jargon that they use to trick customers!! Oh no! They need your help!!

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National Fruit Show 2022

Find out how much fun we had at the National Fruit Show 2022.

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Things you didn’t know you needed: QR Codes

Make sure your QR codes are on brand!

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