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Barwit Controls Systems (MH) Limited

Barwit Control Systems (MH) Limited. Needing a email solution, replacing an aging Exchange server.


Barwit Control Systems (MH) Limited, a manufacturer of power and process control systems, required a flexible and reliable email solution to replace an aging on-premise Exchange server that was agile enough to meet the demands of the business now and in the future.

The problem

During a review of strategic improvements to the business IT infrastructure, it was identified that Barwit was using an onsite Exchange server to deliver email services. This server also fulfilled various other roles and functions for the business, including network administration and file storage. Should the server suffer hardware failure, or the business experience a disaster level event at their premises, all these services would be lost and the organisation’s ability to function would be severely impacted. In addition, any disruption to internet connectivity at the premises would halt email flow and hamper the operation of mobile users.

I want to pass on my thanks to everyone at Select for a great job delivering our O365 migration. Overall it was a seamless transition from our perspective, and the Select engineers were quick to ensure that the few snags arising were dealt with. The project was well managed and ownership taken of any unforeseen issues arising (e.g. the removal of a pre-existing BT Office 365 domain). We were always offered clear and concise advice and options were explained to us in a jargon-free way. Throughout the project Select were particularly good at keeping me informed and always did what they said they would do.

Jason Cook, Commercial Manager

The solution

Our recommendation to Barwit was that they should migrate their email data into the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online platform. Not only would this solution provide a highly resilient email infrastructure, backed by Microsoft’s 99.99% uptime guarantee, each mailbox would also benefit from built-in Anti-SPAM cover and a 50GB data capacity. With the ability to scale up or down depending on the client’s needs and with no upfront overhead, the recommendation was readily accepted.

Using our specialist delta migration tools, we transferred the existing mail data into a new Office 365 subscription and reconfigured the mail to flow through the Microsoft infrastructure to provide increased security and a firm foundation for future business growth with minimal impact to the client.

Barwit Mechanical Handling (MH) Ltd

About the client

Barwit Control Systems was established in 1973 to address the then fledgling market for power control systems utilising variable speed drives. Its core business quickly developed into the design and manufacture of bespoke panels incorporating PLCs, Scada and Fieldbus systems. Barwit has maintained its position at the leading edge of this technology by designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining ever more demanding remote monitoring and power control systems.

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