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Your business’s security and data backup is of paramount importance. You don’t want to just keep a backup of all your files, emails and data, you want to ensure these backups are as secure and fool-proof as possible. We understand how vital this is to keep you business secure and that’s why Veeam is the perfect choice.

The VEEAM Availability Suite

The Veeam Availability Suite is the most complete IT solution to help organisations evolve the way they manage data and to ensure it is available across any Cloud infrastructure. It offers businesses powerful features, which can help accelerate business growth and ensure business continuity. These are built around three pillars -simplicity, reliability and flexibility –which make the Veeam Availability Suite the industry-leading backup and replication solution.

Key Features & benefits

The Veeam Availability Suite is one of the most reliable backup and replication solution, and is proven to meet RTOs 95% of the time, compared to 77% for other providers. Businesses of all sizes can easily benefit from their incredible services, including:

  • Backup and Replication: thanks to the Veeam Availability Suite, your data is always protected and data loss avoided in secure off-site data centres.
  • High-speed Recovery: Disaster Recovery has never been easier or faster than with Veaam’s Availability Suite. If the worst happened, you would get back access to your data and files in no time across any device, cloud or hybrid environment
  • Verified Recoverability: Guaranteed recovery of every file, application or virtual server, every time
  • Cloud Mobility: The Veeam Availability Suite offers you maximum flexibility as you can move your data across different cloud environments
  • Copy Data Management: Fast track innovation and business growth by leveraging unused data to create an exact copy of your production environment
  • Monitoring and Analytics: Veaam’s Availability Suite offers proactive monitoring and reporting to prevent of issues before operational impact
  • Orchestration and Automation: Speed up any tasks, such as backups, recovery and replication with powerful automation capabilities.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure and Veeam

Select Technology is the only Manage IT Service Provider in the UK utilising the great benefits of Veeam and Microsoft Azure together. The result? A highly secure storage solution that is efficient and cost effective for all businesses, built by a Veeam ProPartner and Silver Reseller.

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