Prestige: Fully Managed IT Support

It’s time for a different class of Managed IT support services

We’ve grown up with IT. We are part of the IT revolution and after 25 years, we know a thing or two about how it can work harder for your business. Traditionally, our sector has been challenged by the ‘Break/Fix’ model of IT, often because we cannot get closer to business. By enabling our team to better understand your sector, its challenges and the opportunities, our advice and support is bespoke. We’re passionate about helping companies achieve success and stand out from the crowd through IT. [links to success stories]

It’s a cliché, but as a medium sized Managed Service Provider we are big enough to make the difference, yet small enough to care. Having a robust structure and the right people in dedicated roles provides true consistency to our clients.

Our vision is quite simple: We’re your lifetime IT partner.

What is Prestige?

Prestige is unique from any other managed IT service plan. It raises the bar across the industry. Traditional and reactive IT support is no longer enough. It’s unpredictable and makes management and planning an uphill struggle. There will be regular IT issues that need attention, but Prestige aims to fix the issues invisibly before you even notice there was an issue in the first place.

Key Benefits of our Prestige Plan

Our innovative approach means we will:

Deliver a World Class service, always

Provide a truly proactive service through preventative maintenance and measures

Be efficient and make you more efficient as a result

Add more value to you and your customers by building your business online

Bring you services beyond traditional support

Provide immediate action on ‘Big Impact, Fast Fix’ issues

Improve your productivity

Reduce risk of network shut-down

Provide a continuous strategy to ensure you always use the latest technology

What’s included in our Prestige plan?

Support Desk

· Guaranteed 15-minute response time for critical staff issues

· Rapid turnaround for non-business critical issues

· First Touch Fix: Striving to fix the issue first time

· Available via phone, email or via our web portal, Select Connect

· Multi-level support, so that you get access to the right skills at the right time

Dedicated Insights Team

· A truly proactive team that analyses and monitors your network, devices and connectivity to prevent issues,

· Constant service improvement, with a single mission: ‘knowing what we know now, how could we have prevented this incident from occurring?’

Technical Alignment Visits

· Monthly Best Practice Review visits to ensure your technology conforms and is optimised with best practice across 300+ touch points of audit to review process, plans and equipment to mitigate risks and improve efficiency

Digital Transformation Consultant

· A dedicated Digital Transformation Consultant who will look beyond daily fixes and advise how you can align your business strategy to emerging technology trends making your business more resilient, productive and flexible,

· Quarterly Digital Transformation Consultant Business Review included

Staff and Device Coverage

· All staff and devices are covered, wherever they are

· Includes Mobile Devices, Servers and all your infrastructure

Unlimited onsite support and IMACs

· Installs, Moves, Additions and Changes included as standard, for no extra cost

Staff Training

· Best in class end-user training

· Regular testing of your staff against security attacks (phishing, ransomware, virtues)

· Monthly Microsoft Office 365 Training

IT Security Services

· Comprehensive IT security solutions to mitigate the risk of malicious attacks

· Anti-virus Software and Citrix Umbrella.

Vendor Liaison

· We will liaise with all your third party providers

· Includes Sage, Microsoft, BT, Dell and HP

Need extra support for your internal IT Team?

Our Prestige Supplementary Support package delivers all the benefits of the Prestige plan whilst complementing and seamlessly working alongside your in-house IT staff.

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